REWE Group at the International Green Week for the first time
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REWE Group at the International Green Week for the first time

Источник: АГРОБИЗНЕС ® и пищевая промышленность ®

Food trade in all its diversity in a 1,700 square metre display

at the Farm Experience

(опубликовано 11.12.2007)
REWE Group at the International Green Week for the first time

Berlin, 6 December 2007 – New ideas. Purposeful action. Using this slogan at the Farm Experience, part of the International Green Week in Berlin (IGW), the REWE Group will be presenting the fresh and sustainable qualities of its products, all the way from cultivation through production and onto the shelves in 3,000 REWE supermarkets and 2,000 Penny-Discount stores, from 18 to 27 January 2008. On an area measuring 1,700 square metres in Hall 3 visitors will be able to see a futuristic, environmentally correct greenhouse and the sustainable cultivation of paprikas, grapes and strawberries in partnership with the REWE Group, as well as enjoying the scents of fruit trees in flower. There will be a chance to watch the quality assurance experts from the REWE Group at work and to appreciate the efforts made to maintain the high standards of the group's own brands. The quality butchers W. Brandenburg and the group’s own bakery will be demonstrating how sausages and rolls are produced.

"The German food trade is facing fundamental changes, which will have a far-reaching impact on the trade over the next ten years. Among the main changes it faces are those of sustainability, regional adaptation, and the demands of climate and environmental protection. The REWE Group is committed to new ideas and purposeful action. As one of the leading businesses in the food trade we have always been aware of our responsibility to produce high quality, healthy food at a reasonable price, and proof of this sense of responsibility can be found at the Farm Experience", according to Alain Caparros, Chairman of the Board of REWE Group, based in Cologne. The International Green Week provides a welcome opportunity to give over 400,000 visitors and some 5,000 journalists from all over the world some impressions of the REWE Group and the way it is responding to the challenges facing the industry. "We regard the Farm Experience not only as a display by all the exhibitors but as a place where new ideas are formed and the needs of the future are addressed. So I am particularly pleased that the REWE Group is represented there this year", Caparros explained.

Established in Cologne in 1927 the REWE Group (REWE, toom, Penny, toom BauMarkt, ProMarkt, AtlasReisen, DER-Reisebros, ITS, Dertour) has sales of 43.5 billion euros, 270,000 employees and 12,000 outlets in 14 countries, making it the second largest grocery business in Germany and No. 3 among European trade and tourism concerns.

Any queries should be addressed to:

REWE Group-Unternehmenskommunikation, tel.: +49(0)221-149-1050, fax: +49(0)221-138898,

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